Caron's Interview with the Creative Revolution

Pamela C. Wills, ringleader of the Creative Revolution, interviewed Alison Caron as part of her Revolutionary Artists interview series. Wills's series of podcasts showcases artists, each of whom has been able to make their living with his or her art. Wills interviewed Alison Caron about all the elements that led her to her career as a freelance graphic designer, whose mission is to help businesses and organizations to grow. She works with each client to create or update branding, including advertising, websites, and social media presence.

Caron discussed her background as a graphic designer and the leap of faith she made when she left her position-as creative director of Cape Cod Magazine and its sister publications-to concentrate full time on her own business, Alison Caron Design.

Asked for suggestions for artists who want to quit their day jobs, Caron said they should be prepared to work day and night, on weekends, and even on holidays. With that kind of commitment, Caron said, an artist can succeed at being independent. Also very important, Caron suggests learning to say no when potential clients don't want to pay you what you're worth. She also suggests that each artist find a mentor or two and network, network, network!

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Caron's Interview